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I journey all over the world to discover unique works of authentic luxury. Each piece that catches my eye is created by a maestro. The sense of hand that embodies old world traditions and skills mastered over centuries is something that always delights and energizes me. Then to see the younger generation infuse these traditional ways of working with modern energy and materials rocks! My vision is to make authentic luxury attainable luxury.

What distinguishes the Natalie Scott Collection from all others is my personal relationships with artists and craftsmen all over the world. This makes it possible to bring these otherwise difficult to obtain hand- crafted works of art into your client’s homes at an exceptional value.

“My mission is to preserve these artisans’ ancient cultures, connect us to our pasts, and breathe new life into our futures.”

Because these artists view me as a partner, almost every piece in the Collection can be customized to your client’s specifications at no additional cost.

Authentic luxury should be attainable luxury. I look forward to sharing my relationships, commitment to quality, and attractive price points with you so that it is possible for you to share this beautiful collection with your clients.

Natalie Scott

Chief Procurer | Natalie Scott Designs

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