About Us

The Natalie Scott Collection takes Living and Luxury to a whole new level by working with artisans from around the world that utilize old world traditions and skills mastered for centuries. New to the collection is artist and craftsmen from the United States that are using some to the newest materials and techniques. We still believe mass produced and marketing of “cheap and fast” furnishings has denigrated the quality and passion for authentically artful furnishings and elements that add personality and style. Before compromising your design because you couldn’t find that perfect something, contact us and we’ll make your furnishing dreams come true. Our in-house design staff can assist in design development, select the artist best suited for your project and then implement all CAD detail drawings for your approval. 3D and full-color renderings are available for your client’s review.

About Natalie Scott

Natalie began her design career in 1987 working for MBNA, Wilmington, Delaware as an “in-house” designer for the Facility Planning and Design Department and advanced to AVP of Planning and Design. MBNA’s rapid growth and innovative ideas involving the work environment gave her the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects, including daycare and fitness centers, restaurants and cafeterias, lobbies, board rooms, planning for over one million square feet of office spaces, corporate condominiums and private aircrafts. In 1994 she began her residential design career designing for top executives of MBNA America Bank. Her specialty was the design and renovation estate homes as well as secondary homes that brought her outside the USA. It was during this time that Natalie, in an effort to bring her passion for designing and creating furniture and accessories to life, nurtured relationships with artists and craftsmen all over the world based on their skills, commitment to quality and authenticity. She brings this talent to every project.

Natalie Scott believes authentic luxury should be attainable luxury…