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Andre | Wood Furnishings

The Natalie Scott Collection is honored to have this French born, US artisan in our collection. Andre’s studio, showroom and warehouse is located in New York State.


His wood furnishings are created from collected and recycled timber found in the forests through out the north east. For the past 25 years André has been creating and producing exclusive sculpture and wood furnishings in his 10,000 square foot New York studio. His work reflects the life experiences, gained during his youth spent in rural France, on the family farm. Andre, a self-taught sculptor and designer is inspired by the natural wood forms found in nature that fit comfortably into the human made environment. André’s work is tempered by his sensibility and desire to make good design while allowing the natural and the organic a place in the finished work. His work exhibits the formal language of contemporary wood furniture, highly styled, while in balance with the kind of comfort that can only come from a direct connection to nature. His furniture creations evoke the natural world by creating works made of solid woods, which in themselves are rich in character and history. The furniture is sculptural; it reflects André’s innate use of fine proportion, and recalls the implements and objects of his rural upbringing.


Custom furniture can be created using Andre’s ancient timber.
Enjoy this short video of Andre in his studio and workshop. You’ll fall in love with his love of nature and wood!

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