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Cactus Table

Come to the table……. nature’s table.

cactus table base
cactus table

You have probably seen driftwood tables, tree trunk tables but have you ever seen a
cactus table?

Cactus table base
Cactus furniture

I had to travel some of the most remote and fertile regions of Central and South America to find these unique, organic table bases. I never knew that the cactus tree could be not only so large and but also EXTREMELY interesting.

Cactus trunk

What caught my eye was the bleached blonde color, unusual branch formations and quite frankly
all the holes …. just image these tables being lit from within!!


Next week I will introduce you to an artist who sculpts home decor accessories out of the most unique materials. It is truly fascinating to see what can be made from 2 million year old dinosaurs bones, mammoth tusks, rare gemstone slabs and other exotic materials!


“Each decade has a way of expressing itself. This is the decade of authentic, one-of-kind style.”


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