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Cactus Tables

The Natalie Scott Cactus Collection… Experience the authentic beauty of aged artisan cactus wood.


Natalie traveled to some of the most fertile and beautiful regions in Central and South America to discover one of her signature collections: The Natalie Scott Cactus Collection.


The cactus forests include specimens ranging in size from short, single-trunked plants to mature trees with hundreds of branches that can reach over 25 feet in height and live for hundreds of years. In this mature stage of the plant’s life cycle, some of the branches naturally die, and their subsequent exposure to the elements gives the cactus wood its character. This natural complexity creates one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that are worthy of passing down from generation to generation.


Every piece in this unique collection is crafted with care by an artisan whom Natalie personally selects. The result is a one-of-a-kind artistic statement piece that enhances all decor themes. See for yourself the uncommon styling and handcrafted warmth of every piece. This rare find is extremely limited, and sure to be a treasured art heirloom for anyone fortunate enough to possess one.


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