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Custom Furniture | Tin Rosette Mirror

I think that we can all agree that there is something special about a handcrafted piece of furniture or accessory. The reason that most of us gravitate towards the term “handmade” is because we currently live in an age where almost everything is mass produced. Unfortunately this mass production has caused most of us to buy items that suffer from an identity crisis. These items are not genuine and therefore lack the characteristics and details that once made furniture so amazing. Therefore over the next few months I will be exposing you to a world of artists that don’t even have the term “mass production” in their vocabulary.

For our first treat, I want to share with you a master artist who creates amazing tin rosette mirrors! Let me just start out by saying I LOVE these…SO much that I even have a few in my own home!

Each petal is individually welded by hand! It is so cool to see this process in person.


Next each petal is now bent by hand! Talk about an artform…Could you imagine bending hundreds of these tin rosettes?!

  Here is a collection of the flower rosettes before they receive a coat of Gesso base.

Handcrafted accessories

Here the tin rosettes receive a Gesso base. Again imagine the time it takes to hand paint each one of these rosettes!

Hand painted Furniture and Accessories

After receiving a Gesso coat a base color is hand-painted to each rosette. This gives the mirror the much desired antique appearance.

rosette mirror

Closeup rosette mirror

Voila here is the finished product in Bronze. Gorgeous!!

Natural Rosette Mirror

The tin can be left naturally silver (as shown here) or custom colored to your specification. In addition to Gold and Silver Leaf, the rosettes can be any color of your choice. Custom sizes are also available! He can even create headboards or any other custom piece you can dream up!


Here is a great video that shows intricacy of the design behind how the tin rosette flowers are born!

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