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David | Photographer

A college class in photography taught David to think artistically about photography and develop a personal style. He began shooting landscapes for pleasure, leading to the production of a photographic monograph on palm trees. The book received critical acclaim from the press, including the Los Angeles Times, Sunset magazine, Publishers Weekly and other media outlets. Botanical institutions, such as the Royal Botanic Garden in London, praised the work for its sumptuous photography, which showed palms more as living art than mere trees.


On a photographic assignment in the Amazon, David was inspired by the intricate detail in the small flowers on the floor of the rainforest. He returned to his studio to begin work on a new venture: highly detailed, close-up images of botanicals. Using techniques he created after months of trial and error, he developed what others are calling dettagli, extremely high resolution imagery of botanicals. Leaser is able to present to audiences botanical images as they’ve never been seen before: large format canvases that show flowers from a bees-eye view. By zooming in to macro range, the flowers are decontextualized to draw the viewer in to explore the extreme detail ever-present in nature that is often overlooked.

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