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Interior Design Tampa | Natalie Scott Designs

Interior Design Tampa http://www.NatalieScottDesigns.com
People today want value for their money, and at Natalie Scott Designs we can deliver. Who says custom has to be expensive? At Natalie Scott Designs in Tampa, our personal relationships with artisans ensure that you’re getting the best value.

We work direct with the artisans on your piece and there’s no middle man. We have many designers that call us to be their personal procurer of unique pieces. A few years ago I did a project in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. For two and half years I worked with artisans throughout Mexico custom designing each piece for their home.

Today I get calls from designers all over looking for that special something, and we’re able to deliver. I travel the world looking for artisans that qualify for our client base. We work primarily with generational artisans, master craftsmen who have honed their skills through generations. We bring their talent to you.

If you want a table carved out of a particular species of wood, our artists will find it. They’ll carve your table to your specifications and you will get email updates so you can watch your piece in creation. When you’re buying a piece of the Natalie Scott Collection, you’re not buying a piece from a factory, you’re buying a piece direct from the artist’s workshop.
Interior Design Tampa http://www.NatalieScottDesigns.com
Call to book an appointment: 813-310-8982

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