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Cactus Table

Come to the table……. nature’s table. You have probably seen driftwood tables, tree trunk tables but have you ever seen a cactus table? I had to travel some of the most remote and fertile regions of Central and South America to find these unique, organic table bases. I never knew that the cactus tree could […]

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Custom Furniture | Tin Rosette Mirror

I think that we can all agree that there is something special about a handcrafted piece of furniture or accessory. The reason that most of us gravitate towards the term “handmade” is because we currently live in an age where almost everything is mass produced. Unfortunately this mass production has caused most of us to […]

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Couture Lighting l Gemstones

The Couture Collection offers one of kind minerals with exceptional quality. Natalie Scott Designs has partnered with this amazing artist who creates sophisticated designs by hand selecting minerals from around the world; Madagascar, Morocco, China, Brazil and Africa are a few of the places searched for these exceptional stones. Additionally, she often adds vintage fine […]

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Fermin | Master Stone Carver

Natalie discovered this consummate artisan in a small city that survives on this type of artistry.   Fermin’s wish is for people of different nations to be introduced to his culture and his family’s way of life through his stone carving. His three sons and one daughter enjoy their father’s traditional way of life, carving […]

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Gustavo | Lighting Artist

Gustavo was born in Mexico. At the age of sixteen he left home for Chicago, where he spent many years perfecting his talent in the art of stained glass. He then journeyed home, where he currently thrives as a successful artist.   Gustavo’s father had a business free hand engraving over glass.But he was more […]