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Alberto | International Furniture Designer

“Simplicity is the essential key when Alberto, of Milano Italy, interprets every space and design. An eclectic accent to his clean, simplified designs makes his work sophisticated and sought after. Alberto began his design training at 13 years at the school of Design Accademia Cimabue in Milano, Italy then graduated at 18 from Accademia Di […]

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Scott & Derek | Master Craftsmen

A mutual client of Scott and Derek and the Natalie Scott Collection recognized the similar design philosophies of both companies and brought us together. An amazing synergy has developed because of our passion and desire to produce the most authentic interiors and furnishings by true craftsmen.   Scott and Derek are dedicated to producing timeless […]

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Giron | Master Wood Carver

Giron was born into the art of wood carving, in a small town in the hills of Central Mexico. He remembers working as a child with his uncles in the family business. He is proud to have his son and daughters continue in the family trade and work with him today.   After spending ten […]

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Cactus Tables

The Natalie Scott Cactus Collection… Experience the authentic beauty of aged artisan cactus wood.   Natalie traveled to some of the most fertile and beautiful regions in Central and South America to discover one of her signature collections: The Natalie Scott Cactus Collection.   The cactus forests include specimens ranging in size from short, single-trunked […]

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Andre | Wood Furnishings

The Natalie Scott Collection is honored to have this French born, US artisan in our collection. Andre’s studio, showroom and warehouse is located in New York State.   His wood furnishings are created from collected and recycled timber found in the forests through out the north east. For the past 25 years André has been […]