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Reclaimed Materials: Wine Table

Don’t you just love when furniture pieces are sculpted from reclaimed materials? Well if you do, then you are in for a treat today! Everything below was created using reclaimed materials such as ancient timber, old machine parts, and metal. Who say’s going green can’t be fun and fashionable?!

My client recently approached me with the same attitude. They wanted some ideas for a chic yet functional wine room. Notice that I did not say wine cellar! My client stated, “We want the addition to our home to be a room completely dedicated to drinking wine, communing with friends and we don’t want to be holed up in a dark wine cellar!” They also insisted that the furnishings be unique and not off the shelf. My kind of project!

fossil stone slabs

In order to be different, I knew that I needed to create something that both my client and myself had never seen before. My grandeous idea… A wine table! I know you are thinking, a wine table?! Yes, but not just any wine table! A wine table constructed through the use of reclaimed wood and fossilized slabs. Above is a photo of the fossilized slabs used to construct this one of a kind piece.

Custom Wine Table

Here is a photo of the finished product. Let’s just say my clients almost fell over when I came to have this piece installed. With the table designed and in production-it was time to turn my attention to the rest of the “wine room.”

Living Room Design Ideas

As you can see I choose light calming colors to help control the rooms overall mood. If you have been following my blogs, then you probably notice the cactus table! What a perfect compliment for this space that screams sophistication and class.


At the end of the day, my clients were thrilled with their new wine room! Could this be the end of the wine cellar?! I can say that I most certainly hope so!


Still craving more? I would encourage you to watch this brief video showcasing the art of using reclaimed materials:

Here is to being unique and standing out from the crowd!

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